Friday, February 17, 2012

"Here's To Life"

“Here’s to Life”
February 12, 2012

Here’s to life
The places, the people
The plain and simple
To the complicated and complex
For secrets every heart protects

Traversing across uneven terrain
You’re bound to fall or strain
So when you do
May you land with grace
And use your newfound experience
 As a starting place

If you find your heart has been betrayed
Feeling as though there’s no one to trust
There’s many ways this game can be played
So when the rules seem to change,
Learn to adjust

At some point, your heart will break
Despite feeling like it’s more than you could take
You’ll be okay
Maybe not now, but eventually someday

There will be obstacles to overcome
You’ll pass most with ease
But not all of it will be such a breeze

Certain challenges will make you doubt
Question everything people talk about
And alas, you’ll arrive at the grand conclusion
Life is everything you’ve made it to be
Letting go of your perfect life’s delusion
Clarity coming only once your heart is finally free

But this life isn’t hard just for you
You know, there’s a lot of other people
Life can be difficult for them too

So when people cross you on this path
Allow forgiveness to become your wrath
There’s a lot that can be understood
If only you learned to let go
Moving onward like you should

People aren’t born wise
They get that way by knowing
Life will catch them by surprise
And it’s in that moment
You can feel your appreciation growing

People will move away
Others will pass on
Sometimes it’ll feel like you don’t want to stay
When the people you love are gone

But more people
You will continue to meet
Each making your life so enriched and complete
It seems scary
That each of these lessons very-well could vary
Yet, that same notion can’t help but excite
At the possibility that something might

So here’s to life
To the memories you hold dear
And taking every opportunity
Despite the uncertainty and fear

May you be courageous enough to chase
After the dreams that engage you in a high-speed race
But most of all
Here’s to a life of love
Both lost and found
Remembering that people
 Are the best-kept treasures around

Friday, April 1, 2011

"Taboo? Said Who..."

“Taboo? Said Who…”
March 31, 2011

Quiet, Don’t say a word
Don’t believe everything you’ve heard
Pass me the blunt
Let’s be real, don’t front

Marijuana has this misrepresentation
From this misunderstood “free” information
Don’t forget to use that common sense supply
Look where the facts are from, some people lie

Cannabis is scientifically same
For a plant with a Spanish name
It has many an alter ego
Radiating an odor wherever it may go

Mary Jane,  is safer than alcohol
Still waiting for a marijuana overdose call
But it may never come, you can’t over smoke
Unless you have asthma, anaphylaxis is no joke

Let me tell you about a neurotransmitter
That’s like a substitute teacher, or baby sitter
For the teacher of the class, or regular substance
This plant deserves a scientific reclassification conference

It is safer than the deadly alcohol
Liver disease, or maybe not that at all
Instead maybe you take some harder drugs
I’m talking the ones with the scary, shady thugs

Delta nine T – H –C
A psychoactive agonist you see
In the brain, paradoxical effect chemically correct
Backwards transmission of  a forward only effect

It causes a happy state of being
Humor in normal things you’re seeing
Best of all, you rather just sit and stare
With alcohol, you want to wander here and there

Weed, bud, ganja the herb
Go get it from the guy on the curb
Unless you’ve got a medical card
If you’re in Cali, it’s not very hard

Now that you know mary jane won’t kill
And almost every other drug potentially will
The iconic five leaf marijuana plant
Can do things modern medicine still can’t

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Don't Rest Yet"

"Don't Rest Yet"
March 16, 2011

I won’t say what you choose is wrong
Won’t wrap it nice and neat in a song
It’s not my place to decide
If there’s some destructive habit you hide

There’s a life you’re supposed to enjoy
But people forget that the body is not a toy
So college students, this is for you
I bet there’s one person you once knew

But they aren’t standing by your side today
If it was drugs that made their bright skies gray
Taking a life, promise and potential buried beneath ground
Forever laid to rest, never to ever make a sound

I’m not saying that you can’t have fun
But it’s like pointing a loaded gun
Right at your head, playing Russian roulette
Bad things can happen, don’t you forget

Heroin, Ecstacy, special K, and cocaine
Those drugs seem fun, but only dull pain
Curiosity is nothing that should be
Once, not a habit done constantly

How many more have to die
Before those college students try
Not to let temptation prevail
There’s another way, a different path, another trail

So to the addict college student
This information is prudent
I am tired of burying my dead friends
So please, start changing the trends

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Perfect Guy"

"Perfect Guy"
March 12, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I’m waiting for a guy
Who might end up passing me by
I hear how he is out around somewhere
Can’t help but wonder if he’s really there

That “perfect guy”  who has it all figured out
Laid back and taking the scenic route
This “perfect guy” doesn’t need to ask, he knows
Silly things like where my favorite flower grows

Is it wrong to want a guy to get the door
Should I not be wanting or expecting more?
What happened to chivalry and cliché lines
Do I have to live in a great big castle with ivy vines?

Should I be enchanted into some story or fable,
Why are the perfect men, all fictional ones on cable?
It seems so easy, court those you want to date
Oh but I forgot, I have to be the bait

These ridiculous ideals of what a guy should do
Magazines listing excuses for all of it too
It’s one thing to accept, another to have no regard
For men to be gentlemen isn’t so hard

My heart hasn’t skipped a beat quite yet
From any potential guy that I’ve so far met
He better be a hell of a guy after this wait
But then again, maybe I’m the one late

Friday, March 11, 2011

"Beer Pong"

"Beer Pong"
March 8, 2011

Drop it down
Pick it up
Don’t you dare throw that ball
Into this bright red party cup

Bounce in, take two out
Heating up, don’t doubt
Three in, for balls back
Can I get a re-rack?

Taking three-two-one
A few throws and this game is done
Elbows back, arc in the throw
Articulate aim, these guys are pro

The last cup stands untouched and alone
The first partner has already thrown
With aim, luck and drunken grace
He throws the ball right into its place


March 5, 2011

Just for tonight, take me away
Don’t worry, I’m not going astray
I see the way you watch me flirt
Staring, giving looks covert

Forget anything that we are
Come on, walk with me to the car
Under a full moon, I wait for a kiss
This is a moment you don’t want to miss

I don’t want to be more
So don’t ask what this is for
Tomorrow I wont mention this night
I won’t remember at tomorrow’s light

So take me with you, back to your place
Leave quiet, I don’t want to leave a trace
You’ll be a memory that’ll make me smile
Something for my “epic moment file”

But I won’t speak of what will occur
And you weren’t with me, wherever  we were
Watch me walk away at tomorrow’s sunrise
Out the door, just as you open your eyes

So take me with you, lead me by hand
You and me, tonight, I demand
Tomorrow is today, and no words were said
It’s as if, I was never even in that cozy bed

You will be left thinking of last night
Watching me leave, just out of sight
I wonder, if ever, maybe again?
But she just thinks to herself, “…men”

"Day 70"

"Day 70"
March 2, 2011

To test my power of will
I was going to make my heart still
For I placed myself on a "man-ban"
Simply, because I can

I learned that I have power to say no
And I felt more free everywhere I’d go
At the end of the night I slept in my bed
There weren’t crazy ideas running through my head

No rushing out of rooms at daybreak
No strange man next to me when I’d wake
I wasn’t rushing to find my keys
There wasn’t any hoping no one sees

No drunk text, late at night
Guys weren’t thinking I might
Competition didn’t mind I stepped down
But they can keep that notorious crown

Because at the end of the night
When she leaves thinking he might
That guy wont call her again
But, I’ll be seeing him after then

Can’t have what they want
Oh, it can’t hurt to flaunt
I feel good, and I look great
But if you want me, you’ll have to wait

Although I could give in
I can’t take back where I’ve been
And I’m worth something to someone
I’m more than a one night excuse for fun

So while alone from the party I may leave
The scene is not what you may perceive
When a guy meets my standards, we’ll talk
But until that day, they’ll watch me walk